Kelly Marie McCarthy
For Judge

Experience - Integrity - Compassion

Experience - Integrity - Compassion

Experience - Integrity - CompassionExperience - Integrity - CompassionExperience - Integrity - Compassion


Kelly Marie McCarthy is an experienced litigator. Kelly Marie has worked the last  17 years as a Cook County Public Defender serving Cook County residents with Experience, Integrity and Compassion. Kelly Marie McCarthy has tried approximately 60 Felony Jury Trials and hundreds of Bench Trials in her career. Over the years, Kelly Marie McCarthy has earned the respect of her colleagues, Judges and adversaries. Kelly Marie McCarthy went on to become a supervising attorney and is a regular presenter training other attorneys. Kelly Marie McCarthy currently runs a division that handles appeals and post conviction petitions for those that can't afford an attorney. Kelly Marie McCarthy is also a breast cancer survivor and former pilot.

Kelly Marie McCarthy has been and active member of the community in the City of Berwyn. Kelly Marie  McCarthy believes in giving back to her community and volunteers her time annually to those in need by talking to at risk youth, providing pro bono legal services and providing necessities for the needy. 

Experience, Integrity and Compassion are not just slogans for this candidate. They are how Kelly Marie McCarthy has tried to practice law since becoming an attorney in 2002. Respect  and Compassion for all involved in the legal system are core values she will take with her to the bench. 


Kelly Marie McCarthy has been found HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, QUALIFIED or RECOMMENDED by what is now 13 different bar associations. Here are her current ratings: 

1. Womens Bar Association of Illinois- Recommended *

2. Illinois State Bar Association - 


3. Hellenic Bar Association of Ill - Recommended *

4. Decalogue Society Of Lawyers - Highly Recommended *

5. Black Women Lawyers Association - Recommended

6. Chicago Bar Association - 


7. Puerto Rican Bar Association - Recommended.

8. Chicago Council of Lawyers -


9. Cook County Bar Association - Recommended

10. Hispanic Lawyers Association Of Illinois - Qualified

11. Asian American Bar Association -


12. LAGBAC -


13. Advocates Law Society - 


* Highest rating given by that organization.